I write. For me. I have written a couple of things for various (sci-fi) fandoms, esp. Space: Above And Beyond, FarScape and Star Wars (Expanded Universe aka Legends). Mostly articles and fan fiction and original fiction (het & gay).

Please note that almost ALL fan fiction and original stories on this site are rated R and NC17.

..:: Theefing Art
interview with actor James Morrison conducted in March 2000
at the UK Neutral Zone Convention in Newcastle
..:: Science Fiction Reality
a short recap of my PhD thesis in article form

..:: Space 2063
promo article to celebrate the re-run of S:AAB on German television
..:: Die Kunst des Klauens
German version of the interview with actor James Morrison March 2000
..:: Flug Ins Ungewisse
three part interview with Glen Morgan, James Wong and Kristen Cloke
on Final Destination and S:AAB
..:: Hammerhead auf meinem Schreibtisch
article about the sense and non-sense of merchandising
..:: Frauen in der Science Fiction
chicks with guns in the science fiction genre
..:: Erinnerungen eines rauchenden X-Philes
musings about season 6 of the X-Philes

..:: The duality of the spiritual/divine and the material
actual termpaper in English Medieval Studies 1996


Lived in Germany and the UK, half-breed (German, Austrian, Scottish). Studied, worked in various educational functions during university. Later as an editor and product manager of computer/web design books.
So, what are my other interests?
I'm a sci-fi geek. Space: Above And Beyond and Farscape, as well as Alien(s), Star Wars are my favourites. For non-scifi related subjects I like Asian doramas (mini series from Japan and Korea) and movies. I also love poetry, diving, riding motorbikes/horseback, reading and writing fiction, dancing, re-enactment, making costumes, sewing in general, and everything computer-related.
My favourite music is Independant, Rock, Industrial/Goth, JRock, visual kei and classical music. Additionally, I'm a HUGE fan of the Japanese JPop band SMAP and KPop band BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan). But I also like *female* voices like Kate Bush, Annie Lennox etc.
In my every day life our dogs as well as our chickens and ducks take up a lot of my time as well as our farmhouse and garden.

In Short: queer - have been writing original and fan fiction all my life - real life book editor - 1st languages: English & German - 2nd languages: French, Dutch, Japanese, learning Korean - Cat+Dog-Mom - Goth - S:AABer - Re-enactor


I love costumes, and I love vintage clothing. I have posed as a re-enactor at several events in different eras. My favourite is Regency, closely followed by Edwardian and 1930s/1940s. While I have been wearing 1930/40s repro for over a decade now, only recently I re-discovered an old flame from my time as a Goth, using different eras in every day clothing. #historybounding according to Morgan Donner.

how to:
..:: ... make a bergere
step by step guide to make a 1790s bergere

open projects:
..:: 1800 mourning gown
black batist drawstring gown from 1800-1810
..:: 1900 ball gown
Grand ball robe of the 1900s turn of the century.
..:: 1800 ball gown
ball gown with short sleeved pelisse and train
..:: 1790 caracao
quilted petticoat and short Georgian jacket

finished projects:
..:: 1805 Regency 'Fleur L'Indienne' drawstring gown
cotton print drawstring gown from 1800-1810
..:: 1805 Regency chemise
..:: 1805 Regency bonnet
bonnet without a bee
..:: 1805 Regency pelisse
green pelisse
..:: 1800 'Palm Dress' drawstring gown
green cotton drawstring gown from 1800-1810
..:: 1900 walking dress
1900s turn of the century walking dress
..:: 1810 ball gown
ball gown
..:: 1810 Regency front round gown
green lawn batist Regency gown with front closure
..:: Medieval/LARP
hood and tunic

future projects:
..:: 1790 redingote
Late Georgian Riding habit
..:: 1939 WAAF uniform

FarScape FanFiction

Please note that almost ALL fan fiction and original stories on this site are rated R and NC17.

Christmas Treats
John tries to explain the concept of Christmas to Aeryn and the Ex-Peacekeeper decides to surprise him.

38kb - 6416 Words

Set after Won't Get Fooled Again, John takes time out from life aboard Moya. When Aeryn comes for an unexpected visit they realize they can be more
NC-17 Rated

37kb - 6467 Words

tag scene to Into The Lion's Den pt2


Indeterminate Equations
Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Scorpius wants the wormhole
technology - at all costs

172kb - 29491 Words

Into The Unknown
tag scene to Farscape The Peacekeeper Wars pt2


Star Wars EU/Legends FanFic

Please note that almost ALL fan fiction and original stories on this site are rated R and NC17.

first and lastFIRST AND LAST
Size: 5 KB
798 words

seasonal blues SEASONAL BLUES
1 | 2 | 3

Size 111 KB
19217 words

DenialAlternative Universe Series


Rating: NC-17 for violence and sexual situations

Size: 170676 words 1,02 MB

Notes: Just your basic justification for smut with some action,  UST and Angst thrown in

This site is dedicated to Luke Skywalker & Mara Jade and home of the Denial series. On this site you can find fanfiction and the character bios of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. Skywalker is known from Star Wars Original Trilogy: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi, while Mara Jade is known from the Star Wars Expanded Universe books.  

Space: Above And Beyond FanFic

Please note that almost ALL fan fiction and original stories on this site are rated R and NC17.

Stand Alone





Rating: R for violence and sexual situations

Size: 80730 words - 520 KB

Summary: A multi book series about a RAF fighter pilot, her squadrons and her love to a certain young In-Vitro of the 58th Wild Cards.

Space: AAB FanFiction

It all started when S:AAB went on hiatus in summer 1996 here in Germany. No news had come out that the series had been cancelled and we were between episodes 1.12 and 1.13. I really liked the show and was already hooked from day one, but there was just one thing that really bugged me about the series and that was the lack of other international units. So I invented the RAF number 98 squadron with Flight Lieutenant Megan Chambers as the lead protagonist.
To tie her to the Wild Cards I gave her a back story of being a tank brat with her father, an In Vitro too, being a close friend of McQueen and TC being her god father.
That I'm a romantic at heart is known so I created a love story between Meg and Cooper as well. And this is where it all lead to ... a complete AU series with new characters and looking beyond autumn 2063.


A non-canonical story introducing then Flight Lieutenant (later Sqdr. Ldr.) Megan Chambers and her IV RAF squadron The Dark Knights with TC McQueen in a cameo role.

- Set between The Farthest Man From Home and Ray Butts <

size: 18077 words

Introducing Megan Chambers to the Wild Cards, revealing her connection to LTC McQueen.

- Set shortly after Eyes

size: 21955 words

My version of how the Wild Cards are re-united again. With the help of Megan Chambers the 58th squadron rescue Wang, Damphousse and Vansen.

- Set immediately after ...Tell Our Moms We Did Our Best.

size: 30967 words

Several months after the events of REDEMPTION, Megan and Cooper meet on the Bacchus and here they admit at last that more than mutual friendship is between them ...

This story is rated NC 17
size: 8507 words

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
entry to the Christmas challenge Winter 2001 with Meg Chambers and Cooper Hawkes.
It's Christmas 2065 and two souls have to deal with their fates as they wish upon a star.

size: 1224 words

It's 2069 - things have changed for the Wild Cards and McQueen has to face his worst trial yet - and someone returns from the dead.

Preview available

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Original & Taekook

Slash - pure and simple. As well as original fiction inspired by Korean dramas.

Of Strawberries & Dreams

AU story - what if BTS is only a six member group and one is a strawberry and apple farmer in Daegu who loves to play the saxophone.
When a twenty-one year old Jeon Jungkook accompanies his older band mate Min Yoongi for a short holiday at the Min's family home in Daegu, he meets an enigmatic strawberry and apple farmer by the name of Kim Taehyung. Can these two seemingly opposite young men find love with each other, or will their opposing life styles keep them apart?
JJKxKTH TaeKook VKook KookV m/m smut swearing Rating: ADULT/MATURE

size: 46,558 words - 16 chapters


AU story - It was supposed to be just a hook-up, just one blow job, nothing more. However, opposites attract and it happens more than once.
Being gay is difficult - for a doctor in training it can ruin his career, for an unwilling heir to the biggest mafia syndicate in Seoul it can be deadly. Fate seems to have other ideas with two men who couldn't be more polar opposites - or are they?
JJKxKTH TaeKook VKook KookV m/m smut swearing Rating: ADULT/MATURE
size: 84,631 words - 21 chapters

Polaroid Sunsets

CANON one shot - Vacationing with his parents on Hawaii, Taehyung feels a bit insecure about his relationship with Jungkook who was forced to return to Korea with Jimin and Jin in order to debunk any rumours and assumptions about Taekook after the Harry Styles concert. When Jungkook joins him with a new suggestion by management, Jungkook and Taehyung have to agree on ways to deal with their relationship.
JJKxKTH TaeKook VKook KookV m/m smut swearing Rating: ADULT/MATURE
size: 6,003 words - 1 chapter

Bollywood FanFiction

What The Heart Wants

Kauna Dil Chahata Hai pt1 - shortly after Zara Sa Jhoom
Kauna Dil Chahata Hai pt2 - before Raj turning up in India
Kauna Dil Chahata Hai pt3 - Raj's Karwa Chauth
Kauna Dil Chahata Hai pt4 - Simran's thoughts during her journey to India

Rating: PG - we are Masala here ;-)

Genre: Romance

Summary: Ever wondered what happened in between those big scenes? Well I wrote a couple of transitional scenes to make the original movie even longer <lol>