I write. For me. I have written a couple of things for various (sci-fi) fandoms, esp. Space: Above And Beyond, FarScape and Star Wars (Expanded Universe aka Legends). Mostly articles and fan fiction.

..:: Theefing Art
interview with actor James Morrison conducted in March 2000
at the UK Neutral Zone Convention in Newcastle
..:: Science Fiction Reality
a short recap of my PhD thesis in article form

..:: Space 2063
promo article to celebrate the re-run of S:AAB on German television
..:: Die Kunst des Klauens
German version of the interview with actor James Morrison March 2000
..:: Flug Ins Ungewisse
three part interview with Glen Morgan, James Wong and Kristen Cloke
on Final Destination and S:AAB
..:: Hammerhead auf meinem Schreibtisch
article about the sense and non-sense of merchandising
..:: Frauen in der Science Fiction
chicks with guns in the science fiction genre
..:: Erinnerungen eines rauchenden X-Philes
musings about season 6 of the X-Philes

..:: The duality of the spiritual/divine and the material
actual termpaper in English Medieval Studies 1996

Please note that almost ALL fan fiction and original stories on this site are rated R and NC17.


Lived in Germany and the UK, half-breed (German, Austrian, Scottish). Studied, worked in various educational functions during university. Then as an editor and product manager of computer/web design books.
So, what are my other interests?
I'm a sci-fi geek. Space: Above And Beyond and Farscape, as well as Alien(s), Star Wars are my favourites. For non-scifi related subjects like Bollywood or Asian doramas (mini series from Japan and Korea). I also love poetry, diving, riding motorbikes/horseback, reading and writing fiction, dancing, re-enactment, making costumes, sewing in general, and everything computer-related.
My favourite music is Independant, Rock, Industrial/Goth, Brit Pop and Classical Music. Additional, I'm a fan of the Japanese JPop band SMAP. But I also like *female* voices like Kate Bush.
In my every day life our dogs as well as our chickens and ducks take up a lot of my time as well as our farmhouse and garden.


I love costumes, and I love vintage clothing. I have posed as a re-enactor at several events in different eras. My favourite is Regency, closely followed by Edwardian and 1930s/1940s. While I have been wearing 1930/40s repro for over a decade now, only recently I re-discovered an old flame from my time as a Goth, using different eras in every day clothing. #historybounding according to Morgan Donner.

how to:
..:: ... make a bergere
step by step guide to make a 1790s bergere

open projects:
..:: 1800 mourning gown
black batist drawstring gown from 1800-1810
..:: 1900 ball gown
Grand ball robe of the 1900s turn of the century.
..:: 1800 ball gown
ball gown with short sleeved pelisse and train
..:: 1790 caracao
quilted petticoat and short Georgian jacket

finished projects:
..:: 1805 Regency 'Fleur L'Indienne' drawstring gown
cotton print drawstring gown from 1800-1810
..:: 1805 Regency chemise
..:: 1805 Regency bonnet
bonnet without a bee
..:: 1805 Regency pelisse
green pelisse
..:: 1800 'Palm Dress' drawstring gown
green cotton drawstring gown from 1800-1810
..:: 1900 walking dress
1900s turn of the century walking dress
..:: 1810 ball gown
ball gown
..:: 1810 Regency front round gown
green lawn batist Regency gown with front closure
..:: Medieval/LARP
hood and tunic

future projects:
..:: 1790 redingote
Late Georgian Riding habit
..:: 1939 WAAF uniform