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It all started out with an idea about What If ... - what if Luke and Mara had already met when they were both teenagers? And although this kind of plot was already dealt with in several other fan fictions, I wanted to do it with a twist. In this alternative universe Luke is seventeen and Mara fifteen when they first meet on Tatooine. Both too deeply rooted in their respective upbringing they cannot realize that they have met each other's fates and a long list of misunderstandings, assumptions, mis-information and fear ensues.

The timeline for this is loosely tied to the SW: Expanded Universe books and assumes that Mara is (against other info given on web pages and books) two years younger than Luke. Additionally, the point of reference here is the date of Star Wars: A New Hope, beginning a year before the events and ending roughly twenty years after (though if the muse strikes me I guess I will cover even more years).
Though events of the books are mentioned, I tweaked the timeline a bit, moving all the events about two years prior them happening in the EU books.

The prologue to the overall story.
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The first story so far is called TATOOINE SUNS and starts a year before Luke comes across the fateful two droids, he meets a mysterious young girl who interests him immediately. Out in the dunes, the girl is obviously undergoing some kind of survival training, and while she tries to not to show any affection or interest in him, she is strangely intrigued by the 17-year old Luke.

The story spans five years, with the two first chapters dealing with one and the same event while the last is set five years after this event. Both points of view of Mara and Luke are shown here and how they experienced their first time with each other and also the consequences they had to face.
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WARNING: Not only is this story NC17 but also it portrays sexual relations between two adolescents under the age of 18.
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The next story BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE deals with the events on Myrkr and how Luke and Mara meet as adults and why Mara did not kill Skywalker thus ignoring the Emperor's last command. Mara does not recognize Luke, as of the accident with the Wampa on Hoth and she thinks her farmboy is dead. Luke on the other hand recognizes her from somewhere but cannot pinpoint it and has dreams about his dream girl again.

Their still budding friendship is threatened with the arrival of Callista and while Mara tries to appear happy for the change of events she is suspicious of Callista. After a quarrel that leaves both of them near killing each other, Mara walks out of Luke's life but little do they know that it will only be temporary as Callista leaves and Luke gets into trouble again...
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Timeline: 7 years after SW: A New Hope (Assuming Luke has been eighteen when ANH began, Luke's 25 when the story begins and Mara's two years younger) This story keeps almost in line with Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy but some events are changed or twisted and cover not only Zahn's but also the Children of the Jedi and Dark Saber books as well though the events are now more closely related time wise. Callista happened about two years after Myrkr, in this timeline 9 years after ANH.
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CHANGES depicts the events shortly before Cold Equation. Mara and Luke have resurrected their friendship after the Callista incident. There is still tension between them but after Mara has involuntarily rescued Luke on a dangerous mission, they settle into a more friend to friend routine which leads to Luke offering Mara lodgings at his apartment. They find out more things they have in common.

This story starts right in the middle where Luke and Mara are on speaking terms again but still are weary of each other. Then it continues to narrate the deepening of their relationship as friends..
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Timeline: 15 years after ANH, Luke's now 33 and Mara 31.
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In COLD EQUATION Mara returns wounded to Coruscant after she had been away for months on a mission for Leia to retrieve some Jedi artefacts. Before that she has left Luke, freeing herself from the bond that seems to suffocate her. And the Jedi Master has not been able to reach her through the Force and it seems that Mara Jade is not a Jedi anymore ... by choice or by fate?

This story is written in flashbacks - jumping back and forth between a time span of ten weeks - and deals with the struggle Luke and Mara how to overcome their inhibitions and the realization that Mara is still not free from the influence of the Emperor. The events of Tatooine Suns are picked up here again and the realization that the Force has destined them to be together. The cold equation in this story title has a double meaning - the deceit of the Emperor to ensure a young Mara will never fall for another man again and thus endangering a mission and Mara's assessment of the whole situtation and the cold but misunderstood consequences she draws from it.
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Timeline: 15 years after ANH.
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COLLATERAL DAMAGE continues the tale of Luke's and Mara's rocky friendship turned infatuation/fatal relationship as Mara has come to the rescue of the Jedi Master again. A dangerous game ensues and although all seems quiet little do they know that the chain of events already set into action in Cold Equation can threaten their lives and their love.

Straight forward action orientated story, it picks up immediately after Cold Equation and reveals more of the mission Mara went on in that story.
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Timeline: 15 years after ANH.
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