Chapter Three - Accidents

Mara shoved Luke further down the small trail that led to the ship while she fired her small blaster at the advancing pirates. Skywalker looked back over his shoulder at Jade and saw that she was ducking behind a tree as she changed the recharger.

"Go, Skywalker!" she shouted when she noticed him and Luke shook his head.

"You won't get rid of me that easily, Jade," the Jedi Master said after he had crept up toward her. They stood face to face, pressed against the rough bark of the tree. He groped between her legs and soon found what he was looking for. When he met Mara's eyes, he laughed.

"Don't tell me you thought I was getting back at ya?" he grinned and gave her a quick peck on her lips. "I was only looking for the blaster!"

"You could have fooled me, Jedi," Mara growled but the blush on her face bespoke of her feelings before she turned back and fired at the still advancing pirates. Shot after shot was fired but the pirates still advanced. Mara cursed beneath her breath when she noticed one of the pirates standing up again after she had shot him square in the chest, beneath his burned and charred clothes she could just barely make out the breast plate of durasteel.

"We need to get better shelter or we are dead," Luke mumbled beside her, the small blaster in his hand getting warm from the continuation of shot after shot. Mara threw him a quick glance then her gaze riveted back to the men in front of her.

"Any suggestions, Jedi?" she snarled while she joined Luke firing shots at them.

"Getting back to your ship," Luke yelled over the racket when two shots hit the tree in front of them. They ducked for cover as one pirate crashed through the underbrush and leapt in front of them laser gun ablazing. A shot from each of them, one to his head and the other to his hand that gripped the blaster, ended his short blaze of glory and Mara shot Luke a glance.

"Shoot to kill?" Mara asked breathlessly and shot him an annoyed glance.

Luke answered with a defiant: "Only when a blaster is pointed at your head, Mara!" that shook her to the deepest roots.

But this was no time to discuss this, she thought and turned in time to shoot another attacker. Stumbling down the path towards the waiting Corellian freighter, they ducked and ran from the oncoming shots.

Wedge, who had been keeping guard, heard the sound of blaster fire coming his way and he swore underneath his breath. Comming Corran inside the ship, he was about to head into the direction of the firefight, when Corran's voice held him back.

"Stay with the ship, Wedge, you know we don't have any defence weapons apart from that blaster of yours. This ship is a piece of junk!"

"Just when I thought I could join in with the fun," Wedge gritted through tightly pressed teeth and made his way back towards the ramp. Readying himself to shoot down any pirates heading their way, he listened to the blaster shots in the distance.

He smiled grimly when he saw the two Jedi stumbling into the clearing and he quickly got onto one knee and covered the path behind advancing Jedi with blaster fire. Shot after shot was exchanged between the NR and the pirates and inch by inch the Jedi advanced further towards the ship where Corran was already firing up the engines.

"Come on!" Wedge shouted, retreating further up the ramp when two shots missed their intended targets and send sparks flying as they hit the side of the ship. The sound of the engines whined and Corran's voice wavered over the comm.

"Wedge, what's going on out there? Get those Jedi butts onto the ship!" Corran growled. "Those idiots have hit the hyperdrive, if we don't get off that planet now, we'll stay grounded."

"Corran, do me a favour and shut up!" Wedge growled and fired again.

Back in the cockpit, Corran had to smile at the gruff answer of his friend before he checked the engine read outs on the data console before.

Suddenly all hell broke loose. The pirates were worst shots than any of the friends had thought. A tree, gnarled and old, was hit and grazed the side of the ship, while Luke and Mara had a hard time dodging it.

Mara who had been nearest the ramp to the freighter saw with horror as Antilles got hit by the branches, almost knocking him off the ramp. Shooting with one hand, the other crept to her comm link and immediately after she had established a comm line, Corran's voice wavered to her.

"Horn, get that piece of junk off the ground!" she almost shouted. "Antilles might be hurt when that tree came down."

"We are not leaving before you two get onboard!" Horn growled in response. "Now get up here!"

"Negative, the tree hinders us and if another tree hits like the last one and crashes we don't have a ship to get up to ... now get Antilles inside and get off this damn planet," Mara yelled now and for a short moment Luke met her gaze.

"The X-Wing!" he yelled over the racket of the blaster fire and both nodded. Taking the comm from Mara, he pushed the transmit button.

"Corran, get the ship space-side. We'll take my X-Wing. Now go!"

"Roger, Commander," came the grim answer from the Jedi. Both turned and watched as the ramp rose and the engines fired up. They had to duck low as not to get hit by the engine's searing heat as it made its ascend towards space.

Silence descended onto the small clearing and Luke frowned at that. Checking the clearing where the pirates had come from, he could see the charred remains of three of their attackers and the rest was nowhere to be found.

Wedge groaned as he squeezed himself into the co-pilot's seat. His arm was throbbing where the tree had hit him but he didn't really notice. He was angry, really angry. Trying to get his boiling emotions under control he snorted loudly, attempting to get his mind off the anger while concentrating on his throbbing arm which then reminded him why he was angry.

"Snap out of it!" Horn growled as he piloted the ship out of the atmosphere into open space.

"I didn't say anything, HORN!" Antilles snapped back and shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

After he had made sure that the ship was in orbit of Cha Niem, Corran turned in his seat and watched his squadron commander.

"It was Luke's choice, Wedge," he started softly, belying his own anger surging through him. "They'll make it to his X-Wing, I'm sure."

"Oh yeah .. and if they don't?" Antilles squeezed his eyes shut. "They can't rely on the Force down there and without it they are not invincible..."

"Even with the Force they could die, the Force only heightens their abilities not make them invincible. They'll be fine," Horn said and stood up. Pulling his friend to his feet, he hauled him over to the small cabin in the back. "Now let's see your arm, Antilles, and stop whining."

"I DON'T whine!" Antilles harumphed as he shrugged out of his jacket.

"Yes you do, Antilles, you sound like an old Corellian hag," Horn retorted. "Now get that shirt off so I can have a look at that nasty cut that sullies all the floors of this beauty of a ship with your blood!"

Both men bantered some more until after Horn had put away the medi kit, they fell into silence, both deeply engrossed in their own thoughts and fear for the two Jedi.

Their pursuers were nowhere to be seen but Skywalker and Jade didn't want to rely on that as they made their way quickly through the underbrush of the forest. The trees were standing so close to each other and the ground was covered so thickly with moss and other floor growing plants that it was hard work making progress, as the two Jedi had to dodge boulders and hidden overgrown trunks along their way.

Mara was walking in front and for the first time, Luke noticed that Mara's hair was not her usual colour and he suppressed the urge to reach out and remove the cap she was wearing. Deep in thought, Luke didn't notice the sudden intake of breath as Mara miss-stepped and tried to get her balance back as she had stepped on a hidden tree stump. Grabbing her by her shoulders, they both realised immediately it had been a mistake. Beneath their feet the trunk gave way and both became aware that they were dangerously close to a cliff-like slope. Dodging the falling trunks Luke grabbed Mara tightly, trying to yank both of them back away from the edge but it was too late and both took a tumble down the slope.

The fall seemed to be endless and when they at last came to a stop, Mara lay on top of Luke. Fallen leaves and small twigs had tangled in their clothes and hair and both had bloody scraps on their arms and faces.

"You okay?" Luke breathed, suppressing the urge of raising his head a small bit and kiss those full lips that hovered so closely near his own mouth. He knew it wasn't necessary to keep a hold on her anymore, but he revelled in the feel of his hands around her waist.

Mara stared at him, nodding slightly, and could not tear her eyes away from Luke's. She could feel his hands tightening on her hips where he held her and for a moment she thought he would kiss her. Closing her eyes for a short moment, she tried to put her jumbled thoughts into some kind of order, tried to concentrate on their immediate situation.
When she realised that she was loosing the fight of whether or not to kiss Luke, she sat up abruptly and rolled to her side. Due to her former Imperial training she had still the blaster in her hand as she sat up and surveyed their situation.

"We need to get a move on, Skywalker," Mara said and pushed herself to her feet, flinching when she felt a searing pain in her left arm.

"What is it?" Skywalker asked with concern and turned her so he could have a look at her injured arm.

"We don't have time for this, Jedi," Mara snapped, feeling irritated at her herself and seeking the only let out she knew - Luke Skywalker.

"Okay," Luke drawled and picked up the blaster he had lost during their fall. "Lead the way, Jade!"

With a snort, Mara turned away and moved quickly through the trench they had fallen into and moved steadily away from the direction the pirates were in.

Five standard hours had passed since the freighter had reached orbit and still no sign of the X-Wing or any communication from the two Jedi.
Wedge, hugging his arm in the sling closely to his chest, was pacing up and down the small cabin as Corran tried to ignore his friend's action.

"Antilles, you are wearing down the steel planks," Horn commented as Wedge turned sharply on his heels to pursue the way he had come. "Would you mind sitting down, this pacing gets on my nerves. I never knew you had such aggravating habits."

"Do you think they were recaptured?" Antilles asked all of a sudden as he stared out of the view port and down onto the planet.

Horn stretched his legs and sat back comfortably in his chair opposite his friend.

"No, this is Luke and Mara we're talking about," he smirked. "But they might kill each other down there." Both men laughed at that.

Wedge Antilles had never given much thought to the special status his friend Skywalker had within the Force. He, Wedge, was a pilot and soldier and he relied on his abilities rather than some invisible thing that seemed to rule your life. He felt suspicious of the Force, from what little he had heard of what the Skywalker family had to endure because of it and now, that he had the time to just sit back and think he was reminded of what Mara had told them not so long ago.

"Do you think she still wants to kill Skywalker?" He asked and Horn snorted.

"With Jade you'll never know but I doubt it," Corran rubbed his moustache deeply in thought. "Mara might have had those urges to kill him but she has gotten over it. Besides, remember what she told us yesterday morning? About the mind-melt?" When Antilles nodded he continued. "These mind-melts are really rare, in fact so rare that most of the new Jedi Order thought it was folklore rather than a given fact. If she and Luke have shared such a strong bond, they are inseparable, only death could change that and even then I doubt it would change anything. They are both exceptionally strong in the Force and had a bond even when they were still sworn enemies."

Antilles watched his friend, he had never seen Corran so freely discussing Jedi matters or their friends for that matter. But it was nice to see that the Corellian had finally accepted that he, too, was a Jedi.

But something still eluded Wedge. He knew that Leia and Luke had a bond ever since the day when he first met an 18 year old Luke, farmboy from Tatooine, back in the days of the Rebellion. That the siblings shared a bond through the Force was understandable, they were related, even twins. For Mara and Luke to share such a bond and much stronger from what he had heard that must mean ... Oh-uh, he thought. I bet Callista and Luke never had such a bond.

"You said that the mind-melt is the last stage of Jedi bonding, does this mean they ... you .. know ...," Wedge's voice trailed away as he made vague gestures.

"Yeah, they must have done you know what," Corran replied with a smirk. "I just hope they realise soon enough that they belong together, all this talk about Jedi being single and monk-like is a whole load of Bantha shit. Luke has done so much for this galaxy and the New Republic that he deserves some happiness and as for Mara, if she overcomes her stubbornness, she will realise how much she loves the Jedi Master..."

Both men grinned at that and as Wedge turned towards the view-port again, he nodded his chin towards the planet outside.

"So it is actually a good thing those two are together in this, they might actually find that they belong to each other ..."

"Or it could tear them apart," Corran added gravely, hoping that he was wrong.

When night crept into the forest, the cold seemed to seep into every crevice of their bodies. For fear of detection both Mara and Luke had decided that a campfire was out of the question so they huddled against each other in the small cave. After the decision had been made that their safest bet was to back track to Skywalker's X-Wing, both Jedi had been subdued and silent.

Mara shuddered when she removed the padding from beneath the tunic and jerkin she was wearing. Although the padding kept her warm, it hindered her in her movements, so she had decided to trade manoeuvrability for warmth.

"Hey, look at this," she heard Skywalker's voice from behind and when she turned she could see him squatting in front of her pouch and held up two items. One was a thermal blanket she had stuffed in earlier. Back on the ship she had thought she might need it if the Jedi Master was in bad shape. In his other hand he held a silver casing, similar but smaller than his own box in which he carried his provisions.

"Let me guess, Miss Jade's little emergency kit?" he asked her, a soft smile dancing on his lips. He is irresistible, the thought came unbidden, and Mara clamped down on it quickly. But try as she might, she had to admit that Skywalker looked cute when he was just himself and not the stern Jedi Master lecturing her.

Squatting beside him, she took the casing in her own hands and wrangled it open. Silently she congratulated herself that the training as the Emperor's hand had not failed her and although it had seemed to be a quick enter, quick exit mission, had taken food with her. Tossing Skywalker a ration bar she took one of her own and suppressed the groan rising in her throat, when pain shot up her left arm.

"Will you let me take a look at your arm now, Jade?" she heard Luke stir behind her and she grimaced when she looked over her shoulder.

"Would you shut up if I said yes?" she growled, pain dilating the bright green of her eyes to a darker colour.

"Big Jedi Master's promise," Luke grinned and rummaged further into her pouch until he retrieved the small medi kit he was sure to find there. Picking up the padding she had discarded earlier, he spread it across the floor, near the wall, farthest away from the drafty entrance to the cave.

Motioning her to join him on the padding, with the medi kit and the thermal blanket on the makeshift resting-place, Mara sighed and after picking up her provisions box with her right hand, she joined him of on the padding. Keeping the rest of his ration bar between his teeth, Luke helped her remove the jerkin, then examined the angry tear and cut on her biceps that peeked through the material of her torn up tunic.

"No use, Mara, you have to take the tunic off. I need to get a better look, it seems there is still something inside that wound," Luke said and resumed eating his ration bar. He met Mara's exasperated gaze with a calm one of his own.

Knowing her wound needed to be tended when she could not use the Force to heal herself, Mara opened the fastenings of her tunic and turning her back to Skywalker, let it slip down her shoulders.

Oh-uh, Luke exhaled softly when he saw her smooth, lean, naked back. Watching the vast expanse of smooth, silky skin, he tried to suppress the urge to press his lips against such temptation. Luke wondered, not for the first time, if Mara ever wore any undergarments, but quickly discarded the thought. Doesn't help you keep your calm, Jedi! he reminded himself sternly.

Bending over her wound, he squinted his eyes in the dim light and examined it softly. But Mara flinched nevertheless when the disinfectant stung.

"Sorry, Mara," Luke whispered and was about to put a small bacta pack onto the wound when he happened to shift his body and he got a good eyeful of Mara's front. Although she was covering her breasts with the tunic, her right hand and arm keeping it firmly in place, Luke's eyes were drawn to the swelling globes that formed a perfect cleavage above the tunic.

Swallowing, Skywalker forced his eyes back to the wound. A metallic glinting caught his eye and taking a small pair of tweezers from the medi kit, he tried to get the metallic piece out that was deeply implanted underneath her skin.

"There is something in there, Mara, something metallic..." Luke's voice trailed away when the small device came free from the wound. Putting it away, he tended Mara's shoulder before they both examined the device.

Mara creased her nose when she saw the small metal piece, it reminded her of something she had seen a couple of times before, back when she was still the Emperor's Hand. Shrugging into the tunic again and fastening it, she took another look at the device.

"Looks like an implant ... an Imperial tracking device," Mara said and Luke's head snapped up.

"A tracker?" he asked and absent-mindedly moved the device between his fingers. Their eyes locked and Mara suppressed a shudder.

Snatching up the device, Mara jumped to her feet and went over to the exit of the cave. Hurling it out she soon lost track of the metallic glint as it disappeared in the thick foliage of the trees beyond.

Staring outside, Mara Jade tried to grasp the significance of the device. She knew about trackers. The small implants had been designed to be weapons against the rebels. They were implanted underneath a skin of a defector and if activated, exploded to kill its bearer and anyone with them. Suppressing another shudder, Mara felt Luke stepping beside her.

"You cold?" Luke asked and wrapped an arm more tightly around her and felt Mara stiffen beneath his touch, then moved slightly away. For once, his mood got the better of him as he exclaimed, "Sith, Mara, I'm only trying to help!" His anger was still close to the surface and Luke exhaled sharply. Squeezing his eyes shut, he tried to calm himself. Anger is of the dark side! he reminded himself and edged away from Mara, hugging himself tightly, as he walked back over to their makeshift camp.

For long moments neither spoke until Mara shivered and tried to suppress the shattering of her teeth. She came back over to Luke and slumped down beside him. Despite her earlier rebuke, Luke raised his arm again and wrapped it around Mara's shivering form, moving closer behind her as he positioned her between his spread legs and wrapped the thermal blanket around them both tightly. When he was certain that Mara was sufficiently warm in his lap, he let himself relax against her form. Both lapsed into silence again.

"Brings up old memories, huh?" he whispered against her ear suddenly.

"What is?" Mara asked, still trying to cling to her anger, but failing miserably. She could feel the soothing warmth radiating from Luke's chest and arms and she felt safe and protected. Mara shook her head slightly, she did not need any man to take care of her, and yet she basked in his presence. Even without their Force-bond, she could feel his deep concern for her and also his presence, overwhelming her as always. Luke's whispered words brought her out of her reverie.

"Ummm... this cave, one thermal blanket ... reminds me of another cave at another time," he whispered into her hair, trying to get her dark thoughts away from the device.

Mara was pole-axed to say the least. She would have staked a bet that he would want to talk about the device, but the Jedi Master had surprised her. She shivered at that and overcome by curiosity, she turned her head slightly, to look into the Jedi Master's eyes.

"You remember?" she asked.

Luke nodded and with her turned head, he nuzzled his nose in the soft space of her exposed neck and ear.

"After you left Tatooine, I went into a Jedi trance and unlocked the mind wipe you did," he inhaled deeply. "It was sloppily done, by the way ... but I should have gotten to the bottom of it sooner. I just didn't think someone would have done something like this."

"I was running out of time," Mara tried to defend herself. "So ... you remember everything?" she asked and was glad that he could not see the deep flush that was spreading widely on her face. Even as she had more recent knowledge of his lovemaking, her first time with the farmboy was still etched deeply into her mind.

"Yes," Luke whispered hoarsely, sending shivers down her spine. "I remember you keeping me warm back then and how we teased each other. If I didn't know better I would say we were making love like we knew each other even if we were each other's first, Mara. It was perfect ... you are perfect."

Mara closed her eyes, immediately images of their very first time together crossing her mind. Back then, she had not known that this boy - no, this man - would be her destiny. Or perhaps I already knew, she thought to herself. I did everything in my power to protect him, now I know why.

She moaned softly, when she felt Skywalker's lips brushing against the pulse-point at the side of her neck. It was so easy to give in, especially now where they were both cut off from the Force. She knew that she would not experience any flash backs ... it would be so easy. Leaning back into his embrace, her head lolled back against his shoulder while she could feel his hands roaming over her arms and then gently down her sides until they came to rest around her waist, reverently caressing her stomach.

Luke, she whispered in her mind, pressing her lips tightly shut. She didn't want to betray her thoughts and feelings towards him. She knew it was dangerous to loose herself in his gentleness. Yet she knew that he was a man of strong passions, totally and completely male. Please I need you, I need US ...

"Luke ..." Mara was oblivious to the fact that she had spoken out loud, even if it was a mere whisper. That was all Luke needed to hear. He fumbled slightly with the fastenings of her tunic, but after he had opened them he slid his hands beneath the coarse material, immediately coming into contact with her warm, soft skin. Inhaling deeply her scent, he closed his eyes against the sensation running down his spine.

They both moaned as Skywalker started to rub his callused hand over her skin, sensitising her to his touch even more. Mara's last coherent thought before she turned slightly to expose more of herself to the Jedi Master, was that they really picked the most unlikely places for their making out.

Luke's head was spinning, as he felt Mara both relaxing and tensing in his arms. He had wanted this moment, with all the wonders that it would produce, and now it was finally here and the woman he loved was in his arms, cherishing his touch.

Remembering their last lovemaking, the Jedi Master was determined to make this experience as fulfilling and happy for Mara as he could muster. He wanted to banish all thoughts of the Emperor's mind rape and the abuse of her body and he desperately wanted to show Mara that she was more than a quick tumble in the gym or the desperate joining that had separated them.

Mara turned now fully in his lap, seeing the look of love on his face; a smile lighting up his strong features. She was scared, but somehow she knew that in his arms she was safe. She knew that he loved her. He loved her limitless, and with an abundance that overwhelmed and frightened her. Her entire body tingled, and for the very first time in her life Mara Jade, Ex-Emperor's Hand, felt truly alive, safe and protected. For a short fleeting moment, her mind began to contemplate their lives together from this point forward, thinking of the possibilities, feeling the excitement. But soon she could not concentrate any more as Luke shifted her legs, straddling his powerful thighs, as he settled her on his lap, giving him more access to her delicious skin that craved for his touch.

"I'm here, Mara," he whispered between wet, open mouthed kisses that he placed on the heated skin of her jaw, leaving a fiery trail downward to her throat and the exposed flesh of her collarbone. "Let me love you ..."

Suppressing a shudder of intense, almost overwhelming joy, Mara rested her hands on his shoulders, pushing slightly upwards, mimicking the slow deliberate movements of lovemaking itself. Mindlessly, she tugged at his tunic, frantically trying to feel as much skin as possible as she almost ripped it off his wonderful torso. When she bent forward, rubbing her hands across his cheeks, she moaned softly when she felt the slight stubble beneath her fingertips. Everything about the Jedi Master aroused her, made her giddy with the sure knowledge that he wanted her as much as she craved his touch.

"Yes, Luke, please," she whispered and almost groaned out loud, when Luke's hands found her breasts that were still covered by her tunic. His palms drew lazy but determined circles on her breasts, touching them but avoiding the highly sensitised nubs that strained against the fabric, starving for his touch.

Skywalker could feel Mara arching into his touch, and he almost reached out with the Force to get rid of the last barrier that was hiding her beautiful globes from him until he remembered that they were on a Force-free planet. Regretting to leave her breasts alone for a moment, he withdrew his hands from beneath the tunic and tucked at the last closed fastener in front.

His hands were shivering as he reached out to undo the tunic and a shudder spiked through him and up his spine when he felt Mara's hips gyrating against his, making the simple task of opening the fastener the more difficult. Panting open-mouthed, one hand left her now exposed breasts and drew her head down to him. Up till now they had not kissed, like the first time in a cave back on Tatooine. He wanted to redeem this now, and slanting his mouth over her full lips, he groaned into her willingly opened mouth, their tongues meeting in a heated battle of their own.

Luke felt like bursting there and then and he groaned when Mara's hips brushed over his encased and highly enflamed manhood. The thermal blanket had long slipped off their heated bodies, Luke was determined to expose all of her, wanting to worship her beautiful body and self with all of him, his hands, his lips, his body. He tore his lips off hers only to connect them with her skin as he grabbed her hips and pulled her up, drawing even with her breasts that were now jutting out proudly. Not able to resist their pull any longer, he latched onto her left nipple, drawing a deep growl from Mara that rumbled in her chest.

"Lu-uuke," she moaned and threw her head back. Luke smiled around that wonderful rosy pearl he was suckling on, grazing his teeth softly into the taut nub. Pulling her nearer with his right hand, grinding his arousal into her hips by doing so, his left hand cupped her other breast and kneaded it. "Please ..." Mara murmured, any coherent thought having long fled her mind. "I ... I ..."

Luke let go and if on cue their eyes met. "Enjoy it, Mara. Don't think, just feel ..." he whispered hoarsely, his voice deeper than usual.

The Trader focused her passion-filled gaze on him and she felt the sincerity in his words. He wanted to give her pure pleasure even at his own expense. She could not let that happen. Yes, it is true I crave fulfilment, she told herself silently. But I need to feel him too, I need him!

With what was left of her strength, she attacked his belt and the fastener on his trousers. Ignoring his protests, only hesitating when Luke suckled again on her breasts, she freed him from the tight confines of his pants. Softly, she gripped him, cherishing the throbbing, hot length of his shaft beneath her hands.

"Mara," Luke gasped when she cupped his scrotum and his manhood, gently beginning the age-old rhythm of squeezing and rubbing. "Please don't," he almost shouted, his hips involuntarily thrusting into her loving hands. "I'll ... come if you .... keep it up ..."

Green eyes locked with deep blue ones and through the foggy haze of her lust, Mara could see the Jedi Master was on the brink. All because of me? she asked herself and the groan coming from the young Jedi's lips were proof enough.

Leaning over seductively, and never loosening her steady, urging rhythm of her hands on him, she flicked her tongue over his earlobe, before she whispered: "Come for me, Luke."

That was all it took to haul the Jedi Master over the brink. Without the Force to steady him, to hold back the passion surging through his body, he felt the familiar tightening in his balls. Before he could react, a hot spark was shooting up his spine and sweet, urging release shook him completely, he spilled himself hotly all over Mara's hands as she kissed him deeply.

Deeply drinking in his groans and cries of passion upon his relief, Mara held Luke as he rode upon the pure wave of unadulterated lust which was shaking the Jedi Master to his deepest core. When the shivers and convulsions subsided, Luke nestled his head against Mara's shoulder, ashamed of his lack of self-discipline.

"Sorry about the mess," Luke choked out sheepishly and raised his head at last to face Mara. Her green beautiful eyes were still clouded with passion as she continued to caress him, feeling the sticky, warm seed of her lover on her hands.

"My pleasure, Farmboy," she rasped softly while she ripped off part of the hem of her tunic and started to clean him up. They already looked dirty and roguish after their wild chase through the forest, a few more stains wouldn't be too evident.

Luke shook his head and stilled her hands on him. "I wanted you to enjoy yourself, not getting me off ..." He blushed and lowered his lids. Mara smiled and put a shivering hand beneath his chin and forced him gently to face her again.

"You are beautiful, Farmboy," Mara whispered, her voice a rich arousing timbre. "I love it when you completely let go." She nipped at his lips, moaning when she felt Luke's hands on her shoulders as he gently pushed her down beside him, tugging at the waistband of her pants while doing so.

"Then allow me to return the pleasure," Luke grinned seductively as he pulled her boots and pants off. "Let me worship you, my beautiful Mara."

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