Part Two - The Emperor's Hand
For three days she had been on this training mission and one more day and she could return to the questionable comfort of a star cruiser once more. Trekking through the deserts of Tatooine had been her reward as her master, the Emperor, had told her. She snorted at that as she threw her backpack onto the ground and tried to find some shelter from the glaring suns.

Wiping the sweat off her face she took in her surroundings, not that there was much scenery besides sand, sand and more sand. The girl shuddered and rummaged through her backpack for her water container.

One more day, Mara, she told herself as warm water shucked down her throat. One more day, and I have a long sonic shower to get away from the grime of this backwater planet! She was about to store away the water when her danger sense flared up. With a trick of the Force she had learnt from her Master, she obscured her tracks in the sand and hid herself.

She had not waited for long until a landspeeder stopped where she had stood minutes ago. A boy not much older than herself, perhaps no more than three years older, stepped out of the speeder and looked around. Keeping herself absolutely still she watched him from slitted eyes. He looked harmless enough but the girl had learnt from early on that appearances could deceive. The boy was older than her own fifteen standard years but from the way he walked and held himself she noticed the signs of awkwardness in a body that was not really grown out. The sandy-blonde hair lit up in the light of the two suns and the girl had to admit that he looked clean and cute.

Cute? she snorted to herself. Where is that coming from? Boys aren't cute. Readying herself to pounce on her unsuspecting victim, she moved on the balls of her feet. When he was just beneath the boulder she was hiding upon she pounced.

She could feel that she had knocked the wind out of him and then the puzzled look as she got off him, pointing a blaster straight at his head was priceless. Such blue eyes, she thought and the girl had difficulties to tear her gaze away from eyes that had the colour of the skies above and the deepest reaches of the oceans of Quorim. She shuddered involuntarily as she circled him slowly, keeping her eyes and blaster trained on him.

A farmboy, now this is interesting, she thought and watched him from guarded eyes.

"Who are you?" He asked and struggled to stand up. "I'm Lu-"

"I'm not interested in your family tree, farmboy, an enemy could take fair use of a name!" she spat out, her blaster lowering slightly. She knew that giving him her name would be safe, she could always use a Jedi trick on him so he would forget, but she wanted to keep it simple. She didn't intend on staying here longer than necessary, and definitely not long enough for them to establish some sort of bond. Shaking herself out of her reverie she looked up.

"So what are you doing here?" the young man asked, carefully rubbing his neck as if in pain.

"What I do here is of no interest to you," Mara spat and put her hand on her hips. "Take your sorry excuse of a landspeeder and beat it!"

"Hey, listen!" he growled said and stepped towards her when she raised the muzzle of her blaster. Backing off, he held up his hands in front of him. "Okay-y," he drawled and nodded. "Got it, I'm not as dumb as you think."

"For a farmboy you learn quickly." Mara commented, hardly suppressing a chuckle, but still cocking the weapon at him. Suddenly, there was some movement to the right and the blaster whipped around into the direction. Blaster fire surrounded them and four Tusken Raiders could be seen hiding barely behind two boulders.

"Get down," she demanded harshly and without further ado shoved him beneath the safety of his landspeeder, while she fired shot after the other at the Raiders. The one only barely hiding behind the boulder was shot and slumped to the ground while the others kept firing at them.

The fire fight was quick and over much to soon. But Mara liked it that way. Nice and clean, that's how it should be, she thought and, checking her blaster, she tucked it securely away into her belt again. Turning, she still saw the boy cowering behind his speeder.

"What are you waiting for, Farmboy? There are more coming where those four came from," she asked with an exasperated sigh. "Or do you want to join in their little party?"

"No," the boy mumbled in reply and scrambled to his feet. Dusting off sands from his trousers and tunic, he checked the astromech droid for any damage. When he found none, he boarded the landspeeder. "Grab your stuff and let's get out of here," he turned to look at her and Mara raised an eyebrow.

"Whatever gave you the impression that I would go with you, Farmboy?" she asked and watched as his face reddened.

"You just said ..." he bit his tongue and shook his head. "Listen, I saw you can take care of yourself, but I'd feel better if you came with me. I can drop you at Mos Eisley, if you like..." Without heeding his words, she threw her backpack at him and noted with certain glee that he huffed beneath the weight.

Damn sandstorm! Mara thought and threw the blankets and her backpack down onto the rocky ground of the cave. Rummaging through her pack, she soon found a glow rod and ignited it. She turned when another pack and its content was dumped beside her. Jumping to her feet she tried to keep herself warm and was surprised when the young man offered her the blankets.

Gallant stupidity, she thought later after she had made herself comfortable on her make shift bed. She felt amused when he bend over her and made sure that the blanket was covering her almost from head to toe. What is he doing, for Emperor's sake? she asked herself and noticed that he was staring at her.

"What?" he asked, when he raised his head to meet her eyes.

"What are you doing?" Mara asked in surprise.

"What do you mean?" he returned and tried to break contact with her eyes.

"This," she gestured vaguely. "What was that for?"

"I tucked you in, that's all. Don't need to jump down my throat you know," the young boy replied harshly and moved back to sit on his heels.

Mara could hear the sandstorm raging outside as silence stretched between them. "I wasn't, you know," she started, and scolded herself for the uncertainty in her voice. "Noone has ever done something like that. It .. was so ... caring..." She turned her head away when she felt unusual dampness stinging in her eyes.

Damn him, he made me cry! she thought angrily and shook her head at his next question, not even aware that he was speaking to her. But what he said next got her full attention.

"Some kind of a family you are coming from, Jade." Without conscious thought, Mara was up in a flash as her training took over and before she knew what was happening Mara Jade had her hands around his throat. How did he know her last name? it screamed inside her head. Is he an Imp agent? Was he sent to monitor her?

"What did you call me?" she growled and bent forward, her face only inches away from him. She watched intently as he groped for words. Those eyes ... she shuddered and focused back on the whole man instead of only parts of his anatomy.

"Ja-jade," he choked. "Your eyes, they look like Corellian Jade. I thought I could call you that as long as you don't tell me your name."

"Why do you ever think I will give you my name, Farmboy?" Mara snapped and let go of him. If I'm not careful these eyes could get me into trouble, she thought as she lay back, not sure if she meant her own or that of the farmboy in front of her. Then she saw his bleeding lip and she moved to retrieve her medikit. With satisfaction she realized that the young man flinched slightly when she moved. Goodt hat'll teach him to stay away from me, Mara thought but deep down she felt a sharp pain, something like regret that the farmboy was afraid of her. Shrugging of the sentiment, she slowly advanced towards the still squatting young boy and settled herself between his spread legs.

"Tilt your head towards the light and let me see your lips," she said and even for her young age she could not miss the implications of such a demand. Carefully she applied some soothing balm on his lower lip and she became aware of his body, as she knelt in front of him. She heard his sharp intake of breath as well as coudl feel the heat emanating from his body and for a short time Mara was driven to ease his pain with a soft kiss.

Great, now I get all mushy over this farmboy, she berated himself and was glad when he thanked her and warded off her hands. Scooting back beneath the warm thermal blanket, she tried to sort through the raging and unfamiliar emotions. She had felt something, something she coudl not put her finger on but it was definitely something she wanted to explore more. With a sigh Mara closed her eyes and soon she was fast asleep.

Mara woke up and at first thought she heard her own teeth shattering but when she felt comfortable warmth around her she turned her head towards the cave's entrance. Huddled together there was the farmboy and the sound of shattering teeth was coming from him. Muttering under her breath, Mara got up and after only a moment's hesitation kicked him not too roughly into the side. She waited till his disoriented gaze fell upon her and recognition for his surroundings set in.

"It's cold," she said. "You are cold. I could hear your teeth shattering."

"You ... you're right, I'm cold," he answered dumfounded and with a sigh she guided him towards her bedroll.

"Lie down," Mara Jade demanded. "I heard that sharing body heat will keep each other warm, so take off your tunic ..."

"So I can freeze to death more quickly?" he inquired with an utter look of hurt on his face.

"Don't be such a fool, Farmboy," she snapped and threw the blanket at him. "If we share the thermal blanket we both stay warm, but first we have to get your body warmed up again." Mara started to undo the fastenings of her tunic, well aware of his gaze on her. Suppressing a wave of anticipation and something else she couldn't quite place she stripped to her underwear and moved in beside him on the bedroll.

"What are you waiting for, for Emperor's sake? Take the tunic off, or do you want to freeze to death?" She watched him as he took off his boots, the white tunic and trousers. When he grabbed the bands of his underwear, she was momentarily shaken. "No! I don't want you to get any ideas, Farmboy. This is for warmth, not pleasure."

"What do you know about pleasure, huh?" he spat back and Mara had to suppress a chuckle when he watched as he turned his back towards her. Is he angry? she thought. Frustrated?

"I know enough, Farmboy, so just keep your hands to yourself," she retorted and drew him towards herself, shivering for the moment when her still sleep-warm skin connected with his much colder one. "You're ice-cold," she muttered and unconsciously rubbed her hand over his arm while the other rested on his head.

"So have you ever done it? You said you know enough about ... this kind of stuff." His question caught her off-guard and she inhaled softly before she mustered up to answer.

"Do you?" she asked softly near his ear and she could feel him shuddering beneath her touch. She slipped her leg over his thigh in order to keep him warmer and tucked the blanket tighter around them.

"Do what?" he croaked and she could feel him stiffen.

"Done it, as you said," Mara said and waited. Ever since she had snuggled up to his body she had come aware of two things. First, he smelled nice and clean, he smelled of the desert and wind-swept dunes. The other thing was, she enjoyed feeling his skin next to her own. "So, have you, Farmboy?" she asked, relentlessly pursuing the subject.

"I asked first, Jade," he snapped and she noticed that he tried to pry out of her embrace.

"I will answer you when you answer me truthfully," she retorted. "... and don't give me that Bantha crap that boys your age are so fond of boasting." she chuckled softly at that. As if I know that much about boys.

"Oh and who are you to know if I lie or not, huh?" he taunted. "You don't look that old enough to me, great wise Jade."

"There are boys where I come from and they talk about their endeavors, but I never took them seriously."

Silence stretched between them and after a while Mara was certain that he had fallen asleep. Her eyes drifting shut, she was about to slip into a light sleep when she heard him say: "I haven't ..."

It sounded so vulnerable and intimate, as they both lay there in the semi-darkness sharing each other's body heat. "Never?" she asked and slipped beside him when he turned onto his back. She noted with grim satisfaction that her body fit just snuggly at his side.

"What about you?" she heard his voice and she noticed that there was a catch in it. She unconsciously started to caress his shoulder and arm as she put her head on his shoulder, making herself more comfortable. Mara knew that their close intimacy under the thermal blanket wasn't at all necessary anymore. She could feel he had warmed up, actually his body heat had lulled her into a comfortable state of sleepy curiosity.

"I was taught that these urges are natural to a body and that it should be dealt with like food and drink," she whispered. "If you are hungry, you eat, if you are thirsty you drink and if you ... ummm feel those urges ..." she fell silent.

"Ummm... that doesn't answer the question, Jade, you're stalling," she heard him say and she felt his head turning and burying his nose in her hair.

"I ...never ... ummm... you know. My master said I was too young to peruse these aspects of life," she murmured, trying to focus on the conversation rather than the feelings that his body pressed up to her were causing.

"Your master? What about your parents?" came a dreamy question.

For a moment, Mara's body stiffened before she relaxed against him again. "I don't remember them, all I have is my master. To him and only to him alone I answer," she replied grimly.

"Well, you are answering me," came the answer and Mara grinned into the darkness. She pinched him in his ribs which resulted in her being flopped around and pinned down by his body pressed intimately against him.

"Hey, someone should teach you some manners, Jade," he said but his voice trailed away. Both were acutely aware of how intimate their bodies molded together.

Mara felt flushed and although she was well aware of bodily functions and the concept of sex, the sensations coursing through her body surprised her. Some part of her mind and being welcomed the unusual weight of his body on top of her, while the trained part of her mind screamed in frustration. She felt a new wave of warmth welling up in her and pooling in the lower half of her body, making her intensely aware of his sex pressed against the cleft between her thighs. When he tried to lift himself off her, she inhaled sharply when she felt her breasts rising as if to meet with his hard chest again. She followed his gaze down her body and what she saw amazed her. The rosy tips of her breasts were hard little knobs and were screaming for his touch. She felt his hesitation but also his fascination and slowly she cupped his face and following what her body dictated her, she broad his face to her breasts that were aching with unfamiliar intensity.

Mara gasped when the boy rubbed his nose and cheek against one inflamed breast and she was surprised when she saw the look of horror in his face.

"Did I hurt you?" she could hear him ask and she shook her head.

"No, it's just ... nothing I felt before... it surprised me," she answered him honestly and she looked at him surprised when he asked her what it felt like. Mara smiled at that and instead of telling him she decided to show him.

Leaving his face, her hands trailed a lazy path down to his throat and then further down to his shoulders and collarbones. When she reached his flat nipples she could feel him shuddering beneath her touch and their lower bodies were even more closely pressed together.

"Wow," he gasped. "That's what it feels like?" he inquired and both had to laugh at the silly expressions on their faces. "Would you ... ummm ... mind if I kiss you there?"

She looked at him and the prospect to feel his lips on her bare breasts made her shudder. "It feels nice," Mara whispered, still avoiding his question but drawing his fair head down again. After that all coherent thought left her, she could only feel as he administered soft, licking kisses first to one and then to her other breast.

Emperor's Teeth, she thought. For someone claiming he has never done this, he knows what he is doing. She arched herself into his kisses, her whole being begging more as her hands started to caress over his back and down his sides. She wanted to feel all of him, wanted to cover all of that glorious skin with her hands. All too soon it was over and she became aware of the evident arousal poking against her. They drew apart and Mara, feeling empty and cold all of a sudden curled up into a tight little ball.

You aren't supposed to feel anything, she reminded herself but nevertheless she still shivered at his touch. You are the Emperor's hand, you're the assassin ... And yet a little small voice inside her head also reminded her that she was a young girl on the verge of womanhood, despite what the Emperor and her trainer were saying. When she heard the boy's gasp in her back, she whirled around, ready for any attacker that might have sneaked up on them. When she only saw his look of anger, horror and pain in his face, she raised an eyebrow.

"What?" she asked as she saw the sheer terror in eyes that only moments ago had been filled with passion.

"Your back, who did this to you?" he asked with a trembling voice.

"Training, Farmboy," she stated matter of factly. "You can't fathom how much pain a body can take before it breaks down."

"I think I do know," she heard him whisper, and despite herself she had to chuckle. She could feel him wiggle uncomfortably as she resumed her former position of snuggling up to his side. His body warmth drawing her to him like a magnet. Unconsciously she started to draw lazy circles on his chest, revelling in the touch of his smooth skin beneath her hand and she looked up surprised when he covered her hand with his just when she had reached the waistband of his underwear.

"I thought you said I shouldn't get up to anything?" he rasped, and her green eyed-stare locked with his blue one. For a moment they were just staring at each other and Mara was certain that a decision had to be reached and that it was up to her. He is so gentle, unlike the other boys I know from the Imperial Guards, she thought and bit her lip. And we haven't even kissed properly...

"I would like to kiss you, Farmboy," she blurted out and before she knew what was happening or if it was save what she was doing she bent down and put her lips onto his mouth. The moment their mouths connected, Mara became aware that there was no turning back. Tonight in the arms of an innocent, nameless farmboy she would loose her virginity and she couldn't care less.

All Mara could do was breathe and react upon all the sensations that coursed through her body. Her whole being felt as if being lifted up and plummeted by the currents of passion, desire and need as she let herself being swept away by her farmboy. Instinctively she arched into him, rubbed her body all over his as she started to kiss him. She enjoyed his arms encircling her tightly and for a short moment she felt loved for the first time.

My farmboy, Mara relished the name on her tongue. Yes, he would be my farmboy forever and tonight he will be mine. She kissed him deeply though somewhat clumsily but with abundant passion and desire. With every kiss, with every time his tongue delved deeply into her mouth the need to feel him, the need to be with him, grew stronger and seemed to overwhelm her.

Jade helped him out of his trousers and underwear while she wiggled out of her own. The sensation of naked skin against skin sent a bolt of both pleasure and energy through her and for a moment she could not believe what she felt. Is he Force-sensitive as well? she asked herself but dismissed the thought quickly as the sexual sensations of his caresses kisses and advances submerged her completely. She felt like dissolving, there was no trace of Mara Jade anymore, the Emperor's Hand and assassin was gone for the moment and in its place there was a young woman writhing and yearning for the touch of a young man, craving to be fulfilled. Mara felt like a raw creature, only intent on one thing - seeking to quench the desire that was raging through her as she lowered herself onto her back and drew him nearer.

The pain was sharp, unlike anything that she had ever received at the hand's of her masters, but she gasped nevertheless when the boy entered her. Mara was surprised when he stilled above, stilled the pain as he lay motionless, covering her with his body, enveloping her in his arms as she enveloped his manhood deeply inside of her.

"I'm sorry," he whispered and showered soft, loving kisses over her face. "I didn't want to hurt you."

"Don't stop now, Farmboy. The damage is done, you won't hurt me now," she listened to her own voice that was barely a whisper as if not trusting herself to speak more loudly. She slowly raised her head and looking deeply into his blue eyes, she deliberately kissed him deeply, their tongues matching the slow rhythm of their bodies as they started the age-old dance of two bodies fusing into one. Mara's hands caressed his back, caressed his side as he started to move within her, thrusting deeper and deeper, touching her most secret core and the sensations were overwhelming. Gasping and moaning she held on to him, opening herself to him as she felt the tightening of her lower abdomen. All the while the lovers kept their eyes locked securely onto each other, making sure that they were not dreaming and Mara had the feeling as if she was losing herself into the deep depth of the blue eyes of the boy.

"Jade," the name an endearment, groaned out in a raspy voice near her ear and for a short moment they both closed their eyes under the onslaught of the pleasure-filled sensations. Mara smiled at that and then began to shudder as she felt one wave after the other washing over her.

"Farmboy," she whispered as her nails clawed into his back, marking him as her own for the time being. Her green eyes pierced into his blue ones and suddenly it seemed as if the whole universe tilted sideways. there before and above her she could see the very soul of her farmboy, the innocence, the warmth, the feeling of pain he had experienced by seeing her back wounds. Mara gasped when she felt his own passion building, increasing her own and she felt a short exchange of the Force between them.

A Force-sensitive? As quickly as the thought had come, it fled her mind as she reached her climax, destroying and overwhelming her whole being and yet making her whole at the same time. She moaned his name, drew in one shuddering breath after the other as she wordlessly called out his name, called out her need and the warmth of feeling for the boy who had made her a woman and whom she in turn had made a man.

He collapsed on top of her and despite his weight, Mara hugged him to herself, enjoying the feeling of dissolving into the warmth surrounding her. Shivering, she felt his ragged breath on her neck as he nuzzled his nose there and she raised a heavy arm to his head and tousled his hair. Slowly, he raised his head and wordlessly they stared at each other for long moments.

"Did ... did you feel that?" he asked and for a moment she could see the embarrassment in his eyes. Not trusting herself she nodded silently. "That was ... that was wonderful..." Mara had to smile at the wonderment in his voice and so she put a soft kiss on his chin.

"You sound as if you don't believe it, Farmboy?" she teased and his mouth immediately sought her lips. Drinking from her like a starving man, he kissed her and slipped back onto his side, taking her with him. When Mara came to lay on top of his chest, both sharing the intimacy of their physical bond, she felt his hands snaking around her waist, holding her tight to him. When they both came up for much needed air, the boy grinned shyly.

"I ... I can't believe that you are here... with me," the boy rasped and caressed her back. Mara smirked at that, but was grateful that he could not see it in the dark.

"Let's get some rest, Farmboy," she said and pecked his lips slowly. How come it feels so natural to kiss and hold him like that? she asked herself and cuddled deeper into the warmth of his arms.

It was in the middle of the night when Mara felt the Force call. Extracting herself from the tangled limbs of the young man lying beside her, she wrapped herself in one of the blankets and moved toward the entrance of the cave.

Her master's voice filled her mind and she just managed to conceal the fact that she was not alone. *Master?* she inquired.

*Mara Jade, you will be returning to Coruscant on the morrow. I have immediate business that you have to attend to,* the Sith Lord's voice reverberated through her mind.

*Yes, Master, I will be at the extraction coordinates awaiting your shuttle,* Mara sent back. She felt a deeper probing and tried to enforce her barriers, shielding the young man's presence from the Emperor. But she could not conceal things for long and when her master's voice was in her mind again, she shivered slightly.

*I feel that you've not heeded my advice, Emperor's Hand. I will see to it personally that you will be punished for your insubordination, Jade.*

*Yes, Master,* was all Mara could manage and she swallowed hard when she felt the tinge of anger coursing the link from the Emperor. The link was eventually broken and Mara slumped down against the wall. Looking back where the farmboy lay, she closed her eyes for short moments.

That was a foolish and dangerous thing to do, Mara, she told herself but deep down she knew it had been the right decision. She had given up her virginity freely and not vouch it in some game if the Emperor saw it fit. But she knew that her punishment would be extensive to feel the complete wrath of her master. A decision had to be made and Mara was certain that in order to protect herself as well as the young man lying in front of her, she had to wipe his memory. If the Emperor ever found out who she had spend the night with, this young farmboy could become a pawn in the dangerous game that was Mara Jade's life. And despite her training and upbringing, she couldn't make herself dismiss him so easily. He was too innocent and warm as to be subjected to the presence of the Emperor.

I have to make sure he is safe, Mara thought as she crawled back beneath the blanket and cuddled deeper when the young man drew her into a tight embrace. Her troubled thoughts dissolved quickly when she felt his lips nibbling a line from her earlobe down her throat and she had to admit to herself that the farmboy wasn't so innocent after all as she freely enjoyed his administrations of slow, sexual arousal.

Mara watched silently as the farmboy stirred and slowly woke up. She had already contacted the mission to pick her up but she still had unfinished business here. Resisting the urge to join her farmboy on the makeshift bed, she crossed her arms over her breasts and watched in fascination as his hand reached out where she had only lay a few minutes before.

"Looking for me, Farmboy?" Mara asked and watched with amusement as he bolted to his feet, standing in front of her in his naked glory. I have to protect him, she told herself again, as she slowly walked over to him, her eyes never leaving his body while he hurriedly dove into his trousers.

"Why didn't you wake me?" his voice sounded hurt.

"There was no need to. I had to contact my master and tell him to pick me up. I'm finished here," Mara replied and immediately regretted her choice of words. She noticed that the double meaning was not lost on him either and quickly walked over and squatted in front of him.

"What did you expect, Farmboy? That I would stay with you on this backwater planet, and share your life?" she snorted at that. "Last night was exceptional as far as I can tell from my limited experience but we both know that we didn't commit each other to a life-long relationship. Better kiss and good-bye." She tried to shield her emotions but every word hurt her as much as the young man in front of her.

Quickly, Mara stood up and walked outside. She felt her eyes welling up again. Sithspit, she thought. He made me cry again! While she angrily wiped her eyes she heard him rummaging inside the cave and then she felt his presence coming up behind her. Turning slowly, she watched him. He was angry and sad, so much she knew and then she probed deeper, sending forth some tendrils. What she felt from him, made her even more determined to end it swiftly. She felt deep emotions swirling inside him, similar emotions she only just discovered herself.

"They are coming, so I better go now," she said and waited until he turned to face her.

"So you are serious, Jade?" he asked her with a hoarse voice and Mara's heart went out to him as he looked so dejected.

"Yes, I cannot stay, Farmboy. My master has sent down a shuttle pod," Mara replied and stepped closer to him. "I have to go. My life is not my own to make decisions like this. I have to abide to my master's orders," she whispered, trying to make him understand that this was for the best. He turned fully towards her then and she pulled him closer as she tiptoed and put a soft kiss onto his lips.

Mara felt herself being enclosed by his arms and she stepped closer toward him. She responded to his desperate kiss as she opened her lips to let his tongue in. The kiss was bittersweet and for a moment Mara considered to take him with her, but she knew that once in the presence of the Emperor, his innocence would be vanquished in no time, especially if he was a dormant Force-sensitive as she suspected.

I'll never let you go, Jade. I'll never forget you! His desperation was quite evident through the Force and Mara suppressed a sob when she picked up on his thoughts.

"I have to go," she whispered when they both came up for much needed breath.

"Will you tell me your name?" her lover pleaded. "I promise you I will never tell anyone."

She smiled at that and gently traced the outline of his face, trying to memorize his features for future times. "I know you won't," she said softly. "My name is Mara Jade."

Her knowledge about the human body helped her to find the spot on the small of his neck immediately and with one swift push on the pressure point, he slumped against her, unconscious.

Easing him down onto the ground, Mara quickly finished what she wanted to accomplish and connecting with the Force, she hurriedly wiped his mind of the recent events. After she had finished, Mara softly caressed his cheek.

"I'm sorry, Farmboy," she whispered and bent forward, putting a long, lingering kiss on his unresponsive lips. "Never forget that there is someone out there, who loves you ..." With this she quickly scrambled to her feet and made her way towards the extraction coordinates.

The shuttle swung effortlessly onto a trajectory up into the atmosphere of the planet. Mara Jade watched the desert and dunes of Tatooine as they grew smaller and dimmer until the ports only showed the blackness of space. Closing her eyes for a short moment, she bid a silent good-bye again to her farmboy, regretting the fact that she had never bothered to ask his name. But she was certain, no matter where the Emperor would send her or how many she disposed of in the name of Palpatine, she would always remember her farmboy.

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