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a missing scene between Raj finding out that Simran's family has left for India and him turning up at her doorstep/mustard field so unexpected :)

Kauna Dil Chahata Hai - take 2

Raj stared at the cow bell that was lying on his bed. The first surge of joy he had felt when he had first spotted the bell at Simran's door was completely gone now. All the way back on his motorbike he had wrecked his brain how he could find out where exactly in Punjab her family was coming from but the family name Singh was a penny per dozen in Punjab.

For a moment the whole expanse of the situation unfolded in front of him. How was he ever to find Simran? How was he ever to find her and take her as his bride?

With a sigh he lay down on his bed and stared up at the ceiling. If he closed his eyes he could still see Simran's beautiful face, the length of her lashes on which he could possibly contemplate on for the rest of his life, or the perfect curve of her cheek which could lead him to yet another lifetime of contemplation and adoration. The sudden ache he felt almost overwhelmed him. Rubbing his chest where his heart beat behind his ribs, he picked up the bell and cradled it in his arms. The dull sound of the bell let him frown, it's sad, obtuse sound a perfect reflection of his current situation. the bell dully rang again and Raj frowned.

"What the ..." he bit back the expletive and sat up. Turning the bell and peering into the depth of its gaping opening he could barely see the bobbin. But when he turned it just this way into the light ... he frowned... there was something stuck. Something white was gleaming in the poor light of his room and tentatively he stuck his hand into themouth of the bell and fumbled with the bobbin. Something was stuck there and from the crinkling sound it seemed to be a piece of paper. With his heart beating a mad tattoo, he slowly almost gingerly extracted the carefully folded paper.

For a moment the white of the paper blinded him, flashed before his eyes and his hands started to shake. Was this the answer to his prayers? Had Simran had given him a clue? Did she feel the same about him as he did for her?

"Rabba mere, mainu bacha," he send with baited breath as he unfolded the note.

Mujhe tumse dil se pyar hai - I love you with all my heart

"Simran ... Dil kee gaharaeon se - from the bottom of my heart," Raj whispered as the writing blurred before his eyes. He could barely make out the address through the tears that threatened to spill out onto the paper, marring the script forever. Wiping his eyes, he was about to get up when his father stuck his head into his room.

"Raj?" His bauji asked and Raj laughed out loud.

"Pops!" He got up and crossed the room in record time. "She loves me, Pops, Simran loves me. I'll be going to India!" Hugging and kissing his father, his thoughts were already in Punjab. I'm coming, Simran, Hum Ho Gaye Aap Ke, Sanam (I'm yours now, beloved)

© April 2005