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Disclaimer: The characters and situations of the TV-Programme 'Space: Above And Beyond' depicted in this story are legal property of Glen Morgan and James Wong, Hard Eight Production and 20th Century Fox Broadcasting and have been used without permission. No copyright infringement intended.

Summary: It's 2072 - things have changed for the Wild Cards and McQueen has to face his worst trial yet - and someone returns from the dead.

Rating: R-rated for war time situations and cruelty


Megan Chambers woke up on the cold floor of a prison cell. Her first thoughts had revolved around the fact that her body hurt like hell. Every sinew, every muscle screamed as she moved herself into a sitting position, as she tried to open her eyes.

All she could see was dimming light, interspersed with shadows.

"You are awake, good!" a male voice disrupted her self-examination and Megan's head jerked up. She touched her face, touched her eyes but all she could feel was a huge bruise swelling up most of her face.

The woman groaned and tried to direct her face towards the voice.

"Who are you and more importantly, where are we?" she asked, trying to cover up her weak state with authority.

A small, cruel chuckle reverberated from the cell walls.

"Now, Squadron Leader Chambers, I thought your memory had returned?" the voice tsked. "Do we have to go through all this again? And again? And again? You are a guest courtesy of the Icelos Penal Facility. You are a prisoner of war, tried, rendered guilty and convicted of causing mass destruction of Chig lives ... Not only causing the incredible loss of Alien forces but with the deplorable crime of killing and maiming countless innocent lives as well."

Megan shook her head.

"That is not true .. I have never ... never killed innocent lives," she muttered, drawing in her breath as she felt an excruciating pain shooting down her spine and into her left leg.

"Ahh, Chambers, Squadron Leader, number nine-eight Squadron, Royal Air Force, you have confessed. You told them all they wanted to hear ... " the voice replied and Megan strained her eyes, tried to open them enough to see the man. The electronic click she heard then made her blood turn cold. She should have known, it was an AI unit.

"So, why haven't you and your friends executed the verdict?" she asked and gasped when she tried to move her legs again.

"We already have, Squadron Leader, we already have."

"What do you mean?"

A chuckle was the only answer.