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Author's Note: Spoilers for Farscape The Peacekeeper Wars mini-series.
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Into The Unknown


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We were still on the terrace. Where I once couldn't take my eyes off the stars, I now couldn't take my eyes off Aeryn and our child. Little D sucked on her little finger while Aeryn, more beautiful than ever, looked down onto our child, a smile curving her lips. She looked like a Madonna by Raphael I had once seen in a museum when I was still at school.

Lord, I love this woman. I can take anything when she is with me ... and now with the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans after the war and the Eidelon becoming the force in the uncharted, I guess I can appreciate her presense more. And I will. I want to see our son grow up ... and let's face it we need to populate the tiers of Moya.

For a moment I close my eyes, suppressing a laugh. This is the weirdest thing. In the last cycles Moya has become more than a home, more than just a living space ship that has brought me and the other on a journey so devastating and outlandish it twisted my mind more than once. Moya and Pilot have become close friends and once Pip and Rygel are on Hyneria, we will be alone at last. And to quite the great bard: "The world must be peopled!"

Aeryn looks up at me, her smile widening and I just know what she is thinking: What is he up to again, the hooman? But I know I am her human now, and she knows that I know. I walk over to her, my hand cupping the back of our little son's head and my other arm going around Aeryn. This is it, dad, I'm a pop myself now and looking forward to every minute of it.

We need to talk to Chi and Rygel and telling them about the chosen name Aeryn and I agreed upon. I know we will make sure that little D'Argo will have the stars to play with in a peaceful universe. I help Aeryn up and together we leave the terrace, leaving the stars behind, only to keep my own little stars save with hopefully even more to follow.

There is life out there, dad,
Weird, amazing, psychotic life
and in technicolour.

And this life is mine now, Mine to live out as long as I can Among the stars, Goodbye dad.

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