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This is a companion piece for Dilawe Dulhania Le Jayenge, especially it is set directly after the Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main song and explains why Raj was lying to Simran in the morning about how they had spent the night (he makes her believe they did it which devastates Simran and Raj realizes this is a joke gone too far).
For those who haven't seen the movie, well it is a movie about Raj and Simran who meet up on a Eurail journey through Switzerland, France and so on. First they don't like each other, but Raj who is a born prankster and can never be serious, falls for the more serious minded Simran. And when they miss the train, their journey to Zurich becomes a journey of love. Unfortunately, this trip through Europe will be the last time for Simran to be really free, as her father has arranged marriage with the son of his best friend back in Punjab. Simran never has seen this Kuljit she is about to marry, and even though she falls for Raj, she is determined to follow her father's wishes.
Now it is up to Raj whether the true lover comes home with the bride or not. Will the prankster turn serious enough to capture the heart and hand of his loved one forever?

Kauna Dil Chahata Hai (What The Heart Desires)

"Simran, come on," Raj exclaimed and tried to prop the now completely intoxicated young woman against the wall while he fumbled for the lock. The young woman was propped up against the wall but every time Raj tried to open the door, she slid slowly down the floor.

"No, no, no," He jumped and held her up by her arms. "Oh Simran," he said exasperated and shook his head. "You are soo totally gone, girl."

After a lot of shoving, propping up and pulling Raj finally managed to get Simran into the bedroom and onto the bed. He wasn't sure what to do. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was to leave immediately. Had she not been more than insistent on not sharing the room with him? He should go, like right now. But watching Simran as she lay sprawled across the bed, he knew she would be totally uncomfortable come morning. he had to get her out of her clothes ... well at least some of them anyway.

"Ok, Raj, you can do it. It's not as if this is the first girl you get out of clothes ..." With a puff of air into his hair, he bend down to capture one of Simran's feet. Soon he had divested her of her boots and he was contemplating about removing her shirt and skirt when he noticed her changed breathing.

"What are you doing?" Simran asked, her eyes only barely open while she watched Raj bending over her.

"Me? Nothing, well ... I did remove your boots." Raj grinned down at her.

"Oh well, thank you," she swung her legs over and sat heavily while she started to untie her blouse. "That is really nice of you, Raj ..."

"Ehh.. Sim... Simran .... I don't think that is such a good idea, wait till I'm gone ... while you .. um... do whatever you are ... doing."

"Come - go ... whatever ..." with a vague wave of her hand Simran tried to shrug out of her blouse but didn't succeed. "Oh, pish, this is ... Raj? You know, I don't feel very good ... "

"Oh no, Simran!" Raj was by her side immediately, but Simran had passed out for good now. For a moment he thought about leaving her slumped down on the side of the bed but he knew she would either end up falling off the bed or ... or ...

"Rabba mere, mainu bacha," he gulped as his eyes roamed her prone form. "You can do it, Raj. Just grab her legs, move her fully onto the bed, and then leave." Focusing his eyes on nothing but her legs he slowly moved her so that she was fully lying on the bed, but soon he noticed that her blouse was almost strangling her.

"Oh no," with a shake of the head, he stopped and dragged a shuddering breath into his lungs. "This is NOT happening." Squeezing his eyes shut, he eased the blouse from around her shoulders and then knowing he couldn't just leave her in her bra like this, he went over to his backpack and began rummaging through his things. His white shirt was still less worse for wear so he decided that Simran had to do with this. Raj couldn't help but notice the ridiculousness of the whole situation, here he was with a half naked girl and all he wanted to do was to cover her up before she woke up again. This was a new low to Raj Malholtra, cool dude, and if his friends were ever to hear about this he would be the laughing stock for the rest of his earthly live.
Puffing out another sigh, he carefully eased his shirt around and under Simran's prone form, squeezing his eyes shut and trying desperately to ignore the perfect tone of her shoulders or the beautiful globes encased in lacy white silk. Silk he had touched already, on that first day of their journey, silk that made her skin look so delectable ...
STOP IT RAJ! he chided himself. You are fantazising about the future mother of your children.

The shock let him pause for the longest while.

Oh shit, where has this come from? Future mother of his children? For a moment Raj just sat there and stared at her face. She looked so beautiful and innocent and yet so incredibly sexy and he knew just as he knew he loved his father that she was THE ONE.

"Great, just great," he muttered under his breath and managed to button up his shirt in front, every time his fingers touched her skin accidentally a jolt of awareness surged through him and he had to fight the sudden urge to just lay down beside her and keep her in his arms forever. Of course that was not gentlemanly. She was pavitra, a virgin, and if she was to be the mother of their children, well then Raj would have to do it the right way, the Hindustani way.

After he had managed to close the shirt and also had managed to remove her skirt, exposing her legs to his gaze, he huffed out a shaky breath. Covering her with the duvet, he slid down onto the ground before the bed and for a moment he just buried his face in his hands.

"That should gain me a sainthood, pops," he whispered under his breath. He scrambled to his feet and watched Simran who slept peacefully ensconced in the bed. "I hope you will thank me for this, Simi."

Simran had the most astounding dream. Her dream face, the one of her loved one, was not a dream at all. He was gazing down on her with concerned yet beautiful soulfull eyes. She could make out the barest dimple on his cheek and for a moment she just sighed and let the warmth of a feeling she was not yet completely sure what it was wash over her. She knew this was the man she wanted to marry, he was not a faceless entity anymore. This was Raj, her preyasi - her beloved. She reached out until her fingers enclosed his wrist.

"Aa tujhe choom loon main ..." she whispered, smiling.

"No, Simran, this is NOT a good idea," Raj managed to utter before he lost his balance and almost landed on top of her.

"... choom loon main ..." With a sigh, Simran settled herself against Raj, her hand resting on his chest, feeling his heartbeat while sweet slumber overtook her completely.

"Simran?" He asked but everytime he tried to pry her off, she clung to him and after this kind of tug-of-war for more than ten minutes, Raj settled back and stared at the ceiling.
Conflicting emotions raged through him and he had a hard time to get some sort of control over his raging emotions and over his body's reaction to the warm, soft body so snugly fitting against his side. Knowing he wouldn't get a wink of sleep, Raj settled himself. Cradling her head against his shoulder and enclosing her hand with his own, he breathed in the fragrance of her hair.

If anyone ever got wind about this he would never be able to live it down. For a moment he chuckled silently. Well, this might be the most awful night in his life, but it was also the most wonderful. He looked forward to a lifetime of these nights, Simran in his arms, in their bed. A lifetime ... he closed his eyes only to open them again when he heard a gentle snore.

Future mother of his children or not, he would make her pay for this stunt come morning.

© April 2005