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It all started when S:AAB went on hiatus in summer 1996 here in Germany. No news had come out that the series had been cancelled and we were between episodes 1.12 and 1.13. I really liked the show and was already hooked from day one, but there was just one thing that really bugged me about the series and that was the lack of other international units. So I invented the RAF number 98 squadron with Flight Lieutenant Megan Chambers as the lead protagonist.
To tie her to the Wild Cards I gave her a back story of being a tank brat with her father, an In Vitro too, being a close friend of McQueen and TC being her god father.
That I'm a romantic at heart is known so I created a love story between Meg and Cooper as well. And this is where it all lead to ... a complete AU series with new characters and looking beyond autumn 2063.


A non-canonical story introducing then Flight Lieutenant (later Sqdr. Ldr.) Megan Chambers and her IV RAF squadron The Dark Knights with TC McQueen in a cameo role.

- Set between The Farthest Man From Home and Ray Butts

size: 18077 words

Introducing Megan Chambers to the Wild Cards, revealing her connection to LTC McQueen.

- Set shortly after Eyes

size: 21955 words


My version of how the Wild Cards are re-united again. With the help of Megan Chambers the 58th squadron rescue Wang, Damphousse and Vansen.

- Set immediately after ...Tell Our Moms We Did Our Best.

size: 30967 words

Several months after the events of REDEMPTION, Megan and Cooper meet on the Bacchus and here they admit at last that more than mutual friendship is between them ...

This story is rated NC 17
size: 8507 words

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
entry to the Christmas challenge Winter 2001 with Meg Chambers and Cooper Hawkes.
It's Christmas 2065 and two souls have to deal with their fates as they wish upon a star.

size: 1224 words

It's 2072 - things have changed for the Wild Cards and McQueen has to face his worst trial yet - and someone returns from the dead.


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