..:: Theefing Art
interview with actor James Morrison conducted in March 2000
at the UK Neutral Zone Convention in Newcastle
..:: Science Fiction Reality
a short recap of my PhD thesis in article form

..:: Space 2063
promo article to celebrate the re-run of S:AAB on German television
..:: Die Kunst des Klauens
German version of the interview with actor James Morrison March 2000
..:: Flug Ins Ungewisse
three part interview with Glen Morgan, James Wong and Kristen Cloke
on Final Destination and S:AAB
..:: Hammerhead auf meinem Schreibtisch
article about the sense and non-sense of merchandising
..:: Frauen in der Science Fiction
chicks with guns in the science fiction genre
..:: Erinnerungen eines rauchenden X-Philes
musings about season 6 of the X-Philes

..:: The duality of the spiritual/divine and the material
actual termpaper in English Medieval Studies 1996

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