I started out in 1996 to learn HTML, Java Script and (D)HTML when I made my first page about my favourite TV series and this page is still in existence. Others have been established and had run their courses and are not listed here anymore.

S:AAB Ready Room
The Ready Room is an on-line encyclopedia of the TV series Space: Above And Beyond. It features a graphics archive, downloads, multimedia, encyclopedia, email greeting cards, articles and behind the scenes info on S:AAB. Available in English and German.
The page was made utilizing tables as well as Java Script 1.2 with popup windows. Version 3.0 © 1996 - 2011

S:AAB Fan-Fiction Flightdeck
This web site is an archive for fan-fiction of the TV series Space: Above And Beyond. The Flightdeck offers submission guidelines, resources for writers and an extensive archive of stories by fan-fiction writers.
First version released in early 1997, this archive is the only active S:AAB fanfic archive on the net and has been made by using tables and XHTML.

Chicas Welt
This site started out as an on-line blog for our Spanish dog Chica. Today, it is a site about animal rescue, a plea for senior dogs and an extensive gallery. Available in German.
The page was made utilizing frames as well as CSS with popup windows. Version 2.0 © 2006 - 2011