Lived in Germany and the UK, half-breed (German, Austrian, Scottish). Studied, worked in various educational functions as well as editor and product manager of computer books.

So, what are my other interests?

I'm a sci-fi geek. Space: Above And Beyond and Farscape, as well as Alien(s), Star Wars are my favourites. For non-scifi related subjects like Bollywood or Asian doramas (mini series from Japan and Korea). I also love poetry, diving, riding motorbikes/horseback, reading and writing fiction, dancing, re-enactment, making costumes, sewing in general, and everything computer-related.

My favourite music is Independant, Rock, Industrial/Goth, Brit Pop and Classical Music. Additional, I'm a fan of the Japanese JPop band SMAP. But I also like *female* voices like Kate Bush.

In my every day life our dogs as well as our chickens and ducks take up a lot of my time as well as our farmhouse and garden.